Sabre Sport Services

Sabre Sport Services sell a variety of equipment designed to enhance your facility.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide equipment to suit your facility and needs and can produce "en spec" equipment to your requirements.

Items currently being sold:

Trampoline Frame Pads

This can be produced to fit any make and model of trampoline.  A choice of thickness is available - the standard for recreational and competition trampolining, and an extra thick version for static trampoline facilities.  ¬£Price provided on application.

Spotting Rig Belts

These belts are designed for Somersaulting.  The version supplied comes with two seperate belts, rather than the traditional "one belt fits most" design.  This will allow you to have one belt for all those who might attend your session: from Young children to Adults.  ¬£100 each.

Push in Mats

These mats come in standard sizes - 5 x 3 feet, but can me made to suit your needs.  2 thicknesses are available.  Complete with grab handles to allow ease of use. 

Floor Matting

Floor matting is 2inch thick and can be used for floors, walls, ceilings - and can be made to specific sizes and cut to surround equipment.  Fully sealed and can be velcro'ed together to provide a continuous surface.  They are also suitable for surrounding inflatables.  Different thicknesses are available upon request. 

Trampoline Access Steps

These steps allow access for all participants to trampolines and other equipment.  They are made to suit standard trampoline heights (1m and 1.15m).  Should you need an alternative height for other equipment please contact us.  An additional feature of our steps are that they come as two pieces joined in the middle.  This allows you to use a wider step so that carers can assist access to the trampoline, or split them to use on two different pieces of equipment. 

Coaching Blocks

These coaching blocked are designed as a safe way for coaches to stand and support.  Available in sizes to suit your needs.

Soft Play Blocks

These high quality soft play blocks can be produced to your specification.  Please provide a description or drawing and we can provide you with a quote. 

Speaker Covers
If you have a permanent facility or sportshall, and need softened safety covers for speakers to protect speakers from dust/chalkswe can provide these. 

Forward/Backward Roll Trainer

Currently in design: This has been designed to allow safe roll training for both trampoline and gymnastics.  This will allow roll training to take place safely as an additional or main activity during a session.  Like all our equipment this can be joined to other equipment to allow for flexible set-up building.  The roll trainer comes in two parts, the specially designed slope and floor mat which can be removed if not required or moved to make a step.  Picture to follow. 

In addition we can provide mats and soft-play equipment to your particular design.  These include mats for walls, floors and soft-play areas, soft-play blocks, coaching aids.  Contact us for a quote today!